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Femboys like Chompoo here above are so damn hot to fuck. One look at her from behind, and any man…no matter how straight, will not hesitate to bugger that tight, sweet, creamy ass. When you see her spread her cheeks open, and that cute little butthole winking at you, how are you gonna resist lubing up your cock and plunging it inside?

My favorite shot of a sexy girl is when she bends over and spreads her ass open wide…giving a perfect view of her anus. Ladyboy Gold has certainly mastered that spread-ass shot with the hot girls at their site. These ladyboys reach back, grab each cheek tight, and spread ‘em wide open, ready for bareback anal sex with their boyfriends. What a dream to have a girlfriend like this.

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Would you like to fuck this ladyboy’s asshole with no condom? I know I sure would…after seeing the papers proving she’s HIV negative of course. Can’t be too careful these days, but you’ve gotta admit that there is nothing hotter than watching bareback anal with Thai trannies in hot Asian shemale porn videos.

It’s not a common thing to find, but Ladyboys Fucked Bareback is a site which has been around for over a year, and is 100% devoted to bringing you high quality exclusive videos and matching photosets of sweet Thai shemales getting their buttholes penetrated raw dog style.

Best part is, a membership there gives you automatic free unlimited access to Ladyboy Gold (as it’s owned by the same people).

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Here is one of my favorite new girls from Ladyboy Gold at the moment. Her name is Narnia, and this Asian shemale teen is the kind of girl I know you’d just love to do naughty things with. Look at her puckered little asshole pussy spread open, and imagine putting your cock in her warm, tight butthole.

Narnia even does bareback anal sex inside Ladyboy Gold, and when you see it, I’ll bet you’re gonna be wishing it was your lubed up cock penetrating her sweet backdoor instead. This is definitely one of the best sites for Asian shemale lovers out there, and even has email addresses of girls like Narnia available for members.

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This Asian ladyboy is so damn hot, sucking on that glass dildo and putting it up her sexy butt. It’s only the foreplay of what’s to come, and that is a lucky bastard who gets to fuck her tight, lubricated asshole. Watching that cock pull out and seeing her gaping hole is heaven on Earth, and cumming inside is even better.

That’s exactly what she receives too…a hot sticky anal creampie up her backdoor pussy which then dribbles back out her flexing hole. It reminds me of exactly what got me into shemales in the first place: anal sex, Anal Sex, ANAL SEX! They love it, so i love them. See these fine LB’s spreading their legs at Ladyboys Fucked Bareback.

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Ever seen a real Japanese shemale? Like Thais, they are very feminine and beautiful, but they are also quite different. They have white skin, and smooth features which set them apart from the other Asian transsexuals you’re probably used to seeing on the web. Here is a great example, with Maria Tominaga showing off her tight, little, brown butthole for the camera. Would you fuck that milky white ass?

It used to be quite hard to find any content of these cute newhalf’s (as they’re known in Japan) anywhere in the West. Only a few shemale DVD’s made it out of the country, and most were censored by the annoying mosaic required on porn out there. But now there is a site dedicated totally to them, Shemale Japan. Constant brand new updates, no mosaics, and no bullshit…it’s hot, check it out.

If you are into kinky Asian trannies willing to do anything to please their men, I think you will love Japanese newhalf girls. They do everything from cosplay, to footjobs, to fucking guys in the ass. As you know, the Japanese love their fetishes…and how awesome it is to experience their kinkiness with a fine-ass J-chick with a dick!

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Her name is Toy, and who cares if she’s a boy toy as long as she looks and feels like a lady? When you see this pretty girl giving up her sweet ass for a cock, it doesn’t matter how closed-minded you are…I know you’re gonna want to fuck her ass too.

Lady boy Toy has a different look from the average Thai shemale. Look at her milky white skin, and long slender legs as she’s riding on top of that cock. She’s got it in her tight, hot ass, and can you just imagine what’s racing through this guy’s mind? Yes, a very pretty shemale who is up for anal sex anytime…after all that is the only pussy she has to give. It’s so much more exciting than fucking an average girl.

Who cares if she has a cock? It’s fun to play with her toy while fucking her ass…you can jerk off her sexy clitoris until she cums. The things you can do with Asian shemales will blow your mind, and Perfect Ladyboys is proof of that.

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Watch this hot shemale do what trannies to best, pleasuring a cock like none other. That little bit of extra testosterone is what gets these Asian transexuals so horny, and they love giving blowjobs, then getting your cock in their tight little assholes.

She wraps her hot red lipstick around his dick for a blowjob, and teases the tip with her bright white teeth. Damn, I wanna cum on her pretty face so bad. But even more, I wanna ass fuck this sexy ladyboy from behind, and feel her anal warmth squeezing me as I slide my cock deep in her TS butt.

After some pumping, I’d look down and see my hard dick sliding in and out of her lubricated asshole, while I fondle her smooth, shaved, she-cock…and feel her soft, hairless girlie-balls rubbing up against mine. At that moment I think I would lose control and cum so hard inside that tight ass!

Man, am I jealous of this guy fucking her over at Ultimate Tgirl. In fact, I can say right now that I’d fuck all the shemales, Brazilian and Asian, featured on their site. They have a knack for picking out only the hottest of Tgirls!

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Wow, it’s been awhile since the last update, but I have something fresh and hot for you. Here’s a blonde ladyboy of your dreams making your Asian tit fuck fantasies cum true! First, she sucks that cock gently with her big juicy lips, until it’s bulging hard as a rock. Next, she wraps those soft Asian tits around it, and jerks that lucky cock off with her hot shemale breasts…the girl knows how to please!

This gorgeous blonde shemale is a stunner named Moo, and you would never suspect her of having a dick. But she has a perfect little ladyboycock which you can play with while you fuck her tight ass deep, just the way she loves it. You will be amazed at the quality of the photos and videos of her available at Ladyboy Gold, an Asian shemale porn site that will blow you away!

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The porn videos at Extreme Ladyboys are getting more and more intense, and I’ve gotta say it’s now the best site to see movies of Asian shemales fucking guys in the ass. Look up their perverted crossdressing porn flick of a Thai ladyboy named “Apple” getting down and dirty with a straight guy caught wearing his sister’s panties!

Yeah his name is Double O, and he’s got an insatiable appetite for Asian shemale ass…pumping them over and over in the movies over at Extreme Ladyboys. But this time I guess he was curious what it’s like to get decked out in a dress and pantyhose…you know, see what it’s like from a girl’s perspective. Didn’t you ever wanna try on a girl’s sexy panties?

Well, he goes all the way…bending over and getting fucked from behind from the horny Thai tranny Apple. Imagine what an amazing experience it must be to feel her big female cock throbbing in your ass! Click here to see Apple pump this crossdresser’s asshole from behind.

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